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Mandatory Outdoor Water-Use Restrictions
June 16, 2001

On June 4th, due to the continued low water levels in the 9 community wells, Mayor Hall of Stewartstown Borough declared a water emergency and placed all Stewartstown Water Authority water customers on mandatory water restrictions. These restrictions ban the outdoor use of water and require each water customer to reduce their water consumption by 10 to 20%. Garden hoses may not be used to water lawns or plants or to wash vehichles. Individual plants may be watered by hand using a watering can, bucket, etc.

Stewartstown Water Authority water customers may take all the free water they can use from the discharge water at the Stewartstown Borough waste treatment plant. This water is available from hoses on the fence just outside the front of the plant. This water has been treated and is suitable for discharge back into Ebaughs Creek; however, it is not potable and should not be used for human or animal consumption. To get to the plant from Main St in Stewartstown, go west on Mill for about 1 mile. The plant is on the left-hand side of the road at the bottom of the hill.

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Did you know?

Did you know that the average person uses 60 to 65 gallons of water per day, so that an average family of four uses 240 to 260 gallons per day? Don't believe it? Take one of your water bills. Each bill is for one quarter of the year (e.g., 3 months) which is approxiamtely 91 days. The number of "UNITS USED" on your water bill indicates the total number of gallons of water that your household has used in the 91 days.

To compute the average number of gallons of water that your household has used per day, divide the "UNITS USED" by 91. Then divide that number by the number of people in the household to compute the average number of gallons of water used per person per day.

For example, say that for a family of four (4) the number of "UNITS USED" on their water bill is 21840 gallons:

  • 21840 gallons / 91 days = 240 gallons / day for the household.
  • 240 gallons / day / 4 people = 60 gallons / day per person.

This family of can reduce their water consumption by 10 to 20 % simply by using 24 to 48 fewer gallons per day.


Pipeline Update
April 28, 2001

It's been almost a year since the Stewartstown Water Authority voted to purchase bulk water from the York Water Company, and the project has been moving along very well since then. York Water Company will supply bulk water to Stewartstown through a new pipeline that the Water Authority is having constructed from Shrewsbury Township to Stewartstown. The Water Authority has applied for and received all the permits they need from the Penn Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Penn Department of Transportation (Penn DOT) in order for construction of the pipeline to begin.

Kinsley Construction will lay the pipeline for the Water Authority, and will also perform construction for the York Water Company in order to tie the Water Authority's pipeline into the York Water Company's water system.

Construction of the 16" pipeline will cost approximately $1M. Construction should begin around May 1st and will take about 4 months to complete. The Water Authority had originally voted to construct a 12" pipeline but changed it to a 16" when it became apparent that a 16" pipeline would result in only a relatively small increase in the total cost of the project. The 16" pipeline should have the capacity to meet Stewartstown's water needs indefinitely.

The pipeline will start in Shrewsbury Township near Exit 1 of I-83 and will run down Rt 851 to Stewartstown. Property owners along 851 will not be allowed to connect to the new pipeline.

Please remember that although the purchase of bulk water should ensure that the Stewartstown water system will be able to meet the immediate and long term needs of its water customers, clean water is a very limited resource, and it is required to sustain all life. If we waste it or pollute it, all life will suffer. Every time you turn-on a faucet, think of this.



AWARE would like to apologize to several people who contacted us to sign the two petitions but were never contacted by AWARE. We appreciate your support and hope that you will forgive us for this error.


Stewartstown Borough Water Authority Meetings

The Stewartstown Borough Water Authority Meetings are held in the Stewartstown Borough Office next to the "allfirst" Bank on Main St in Stewartstown. The meetings are usually held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month and start at 7:30 PM . You may want to arrive by 7:15 PM to get a seat.


For information on the issues surrounding our water problem, please check-out the links to the left, and especially the AWARE Newsletters. Note, some of the numbers in these Newsletters have changed since they were written, but the overall conclusions remain the same.

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