Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

1 Q. If it makes so much sense to sell the Water System to York Water Co, why doesn't the Borough do it?
  A. All of the information indicates that selling the system to York Water Co is the clear choice by far; therefore, we don't have any idea why the Borough won't sell the system. None of their answers to this question make any sense, so one can only speculate as to what their true motivations are.
2 Q. Why don't we elect a new Water Authority who will do the right thing?
  A. Stewartstown Borough is a small area within Hopewell Township. Many of the Borough's water customers do not live in the Borough since the water system extends beyond the Borough and into Hopewell Township. The Borough's Water Authority is appointed by officials who are elected by Borough residents only, so if you don't live in the Borough, then you don't have a say in what the Water Authority does. This situation is similar to "Taxation Without Representation".
3 Q. What is the "Right of First Refusal"?
  A. If the Borough decided to supplement our water supply by buying bulk water from the York Water Company, then the York Water Company would put in the contract that they would have the "Right of First Refusal". All this means is, that if some other water company would make an offer to buy the water system, and the Borough was willing to accept the offer, then the Borough would have to give York Water Company the chance to match or beat the offer. This does not restrict the Borough from doing whatever they want with the water system

Note, this issue is irrelevant since it only applies to buying bulk water which is not the best solution to our water problem.

4 Q. What can I do?
  • During Borough and Township elections, find candidates who will do the right thing, and then get-out and vote for them!
  • If you haven't signed the two petitions that we've been circulating, contact us to arrange to do so.
  • Call the Water Authority Members, and politely tell them what you think.
  • If you would like to volunteer to help, please contact us.
  • Send us a donation.
  • Give us your moral support.

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