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Complete List of Pastors
Gerney Weber 1895-1899
Israel S. Leiby 1900-1906
Samuel M. Roeder 1906-1932
Truman A. Crist 1932-1939
Raymond C. Zechman 1940-1944
Ralph W. Yohe 1944-1947
Theron M. Snyder 1947-1951
Ivan R. Morrin 1952-1956
Winfield E. Engler 1957-1967
Edgar H. Steedle 1968-1977
David R. Wetmiller 1978-1981
David A. Brown 1982-1983
Roy I. Priem 1984-1987
John L. Trout 1990-2015
David Brenneman 2018-