ENGINE 63-1
     ENGINE 63-2
     TANKER 63
     UTILITY 63

Loganville Fire Company

Station 63

Antique Fire Engine

This 1944 Ford American LaFrance was originally purchased in 1944 after a fire in Loganville Borough had destroyed three houses and businesses. The new fire engine replaced a 1924 Brockway four-tank chemical fire engine. In 1963 this engine was sold to a Gettyburg amusement for $1,000. Fantasy Land used the fire engine as a kiddies' ride. In 1980 the park closed and the fire engine was sold to an Ohio company. The fire engine layed in a field in Ohio rusting until an Ohio antique vehicle restorer gave it new life. After contacting the fire engine's manufacturer he then contacted the Loganville Fire Company.

Nov 26, 1943 A motion by Millard Trout and second by Melvin Wildasin to purchase a new fire truck. $5400. (Ford American LaFrance)

Nov 22, 1944 The Ford American LaFrance arrived. (Pictures showned here are from 2003)

Oct 4, 1963 The 1944 Fire Engine was sold to Fantasy Land for $1000.00

2003 Reacquired 1944 Ford American LaFrance from restorer in Ohio.

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