MOMS Club of Southern York County, PA
Welcome to the MOMS Club of SYC, PA website. MOMS Offering Moms Support is an international support group for stay at home moms and their children. Many moms feel that raising children is the most important job they will ever have. That's why the MOMS Club of SYC, PA is truly an invaluable support network. We understand how you feel because we're stay at home moms too! We're moms coming together and staying connected with society to empower ourselves and more importantly, our children.

The goals of the MOMS Club of SYC, PA Chapter are to support mothers who choose to stay at home to raise their children despite often considerable financial sacrifice. Our executive board has made a tremendous effort to offer low to no cost activities and events to support moms and their families. We have several activities throughout the month that include everything from story time at the library to going to the zoo. Also, once a month, enjoy a much needed MOMS Night Out. Contact us to see a sample newsletter so you can get an idea of what type of activities to expect from this chapter of the MOMS Club. We also have playgroups and hope to soon implement a Mommy and Me structured playtime.

Whether you are a full or part time stay at home parent, we welcome you to join our group of friends.

If you would like more information about the MOMS Club of Southern York County, PA, please contact us.

Please note that our chapter services the Southern, South Eastern, South Western, and Dallastown School Districts (Springfield Township only).

Explore our site and see what the MOMS Club has to offer you!

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