About Us

In January of 2003, the MOMS Club of Southern York County, PA was founded by Shelby Krouse.  We cover the entire southern portion of York County, from South Western to South Eastern and Dallastown in between.  We offer the support a stay at home mom often needs through friendship as well as providing some guidence and tips with parenting, such potty training and breast feeding.

Our particular chapter has playgroups, park days and craft time along with the many other activities throughout the month.  We are trying to get some interest groups started, such as a book club, scrapbooking and crafts.  If you have an idea for an interest group, feel free to contact us.   

Dues are $20 a year to cover printing costs for the newsletter and craft items for the children.  Some activities may require an additional fee, depending on the activity.  Because the stay at home mom is often on a tight budget, we try to keep things close and inexpensive.  Occasionally, we will travel to Baltimore or Lancaster for a special event, but in general, we stay close to the Shrewsbury, Glen Rock, Stewartstown area. 
MOMS Club of Southern York County, PA
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