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An Overview of Southern York County School District

Southern York County School District covers an area of about 180 square kilometers. It is a suburban public school district located in York County in South Central Pennsylvania. It serves a portion of Hopewell Township, Codorus Township, New Freedom, Glen Rock, Shrewsbury, Railroad, and Shrewsbury Township. The district served a residential population of 18,592 individuals according to federal census data from the year 2000.

A decade later, the district’s population increased to 20,858 people. The educational attainment levels for Southern York County School District’s population were 89.3% high school and 26.5% college graduates. These figures are of individuals who were 25 years of age and over at the time.


A little over 20% of the pupils in the district lived at 185% or below the Federal Poverty level. This was shown by their eligibility in 2012. More specifically by the federal free or reduced price school meal programs. The residents of Southern York County School District had a per capita income of $22,345 in 2009. The median family income stood at nearly $60,500.

The median household income in York County was close to $57,500. In 2010, the median family income was a little over $49,500.


There are five schools that Southern York County School District operates. They are Shrewsbury Elementary School, Friendship Elementary School, Susquehannock High School, Southern Middle School, and Southern Elementary School. High school students may choose to attend York County School of Technology. Here they can train in mechanical and construction trades,

There are a wide range of services that the district gets from the Lincoln Intermediate Unit IU12. Among them are special education for disabled students and services associated with hearing, speech, and visual disability. The Lincoln Intermediate Unit IU12 also undertakes professional development for staff and faculty.

The Southern York County School District Foundation

Organized in 1997, this foundation provides a means for individuals and businesses to make tax-deductible contributions. They are for projects, supplies, equipment, scholarship, and several other purposes for the benefit of district students. This charitable organization comes under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Internal Revenue Code’s Section 501 (c)(3).

Many projects were pursued during the foundation’s first five years. It also disbursed a few scholarships, but this was not done on a regular basis. They happened more as a reaction to unsolicited donations. In 2001, the Foundation underwent reorganization. This resulted in the addition of new and enthusiastic directors and establishing of liaisons with the district administration.

There was a sense of passion and mission in the new Board. It took a committed approach towards making its presence known in the Southern York County community. As compared to foundations in several other school districts, the Southern York County School District Foundation is multifaceted. This is its unique characteristic, as most of the school district foundations work just to get funds for scholarships.

They do this for the benefit of seniors who are graduating. The Southern York County School District Foundation provides additional opportunities for funds to support all phases of district operations. For its work, the Mid Atlantic Consortium of Educational Foundations awarded this foundation the ‘In Search of Excellence Award’.

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