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Exploring Lake Tobias Wildlife Park Near York County

When you’re in York county, you can get to Halifax and explore Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. As you get around in this 150-acre wildlife haven, you’ll come across several wildlife habitats. They’re home to a variety of wild animals, such as lions, tigers, giraffes, baboons, zebras, and kangaroos.

If you’re traveling with your family, your kids can have loads of fun watching all these animals in action. This wildlife park and zoo is home to over 700 animals brought here from six continents. Of course, the park’s signature attraction is its safari tour.


The Tobias family has been operating this wildlife park and zoo for over 50 years. It all began with J.R. Tobias, the founder of this park, who was an animal lover all his life. You can know more about him at the J.R. Tobias Museum and Education Center.

There are many exhibits here, which allows visitors to explore many interesting facts about him and his vision. Besides a few animal exhibits, you can also find a large freshwater aquarium.

Outdoor habitats

The interactive map of the park would help you in planning your activities in this wildlife park and zoo. At the heart of this park, you’ll find many outdoor habitats. They’re home to some of the amazing animal species in the world, such as zebras and black bears.

People who visit Lake Tobias Wildlife Park love watching the Gibbon apes. They entertain visitors with their sounds and expressive faces. Bird-watchers can also have a wonderful time here, watching countless birds in action. Among them are ostriches, peacocks, and guineafowls.

Petting zoo

If you’re touring this park with your kids, visit the Petting Zoo. Here, your children will get to interact with the domesticated farm animals of this wildlife park. They can walk among these well-mannered and friendly creatures and also feed them their favorite food.

One of the animals that they might like the most would be the African pygmy goats. Don’t forget to be with your children at all times while they’re here. Although the animals are harmless, they’re not trained. Sometimes, one of them might jump up to your kid just to be a little more friendly.

Reptile and Exotics

In this building you’ll get to witness many different reptiles and amphibian species. Among them are the poison dart frogs that are native to Central and South America. They possess bodies that are brightly colored and these colors are associated with their toxicity. These frogs are among the most poisonous species on Earth.

You can also see pythons in the building. They are non-venomous reptiles and many consider them as snakes of the old world. Among the other pythons that you can see in the building are green tree pythons and Burmese pythons. During your time spent inside the Reptiles and Exotics building, you’ll also get to watch many tropical birds.

Safari tour

The thrilling safari tours at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park allow you to enjoy close encounters with some its wild animals. During the tour, you can also learn more about the natural habitats of these animals.

Catch-and-release fishing

You’ll have access to the main lake if you wish to participate in catch-and-release fishing at this wildlife park. It is home to plenty of trout, bass, and bluegills. Children who are 12 years of age or younger can enjoy catch-and-release fishing for free here. All those who want to fish in the lake must bring their own rod and bait. Another important thing worth noting is that only catch-and-release fishing is allowed in the lake.

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