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3 Best Places to Explore in York County

York County is located in the rolling farmlands of south-central Pennsylvania. It has over 250 years of tradition and is an excellent blend of local traditions and rich natural beauty. There are activities to be explored outdoors for everyone and it has attractions to suit every individual. Be it golf and museums or the wineries and other cultural attractions.

You’ll get some splendid opportunities for factory tours and the chance to indulge in some memorable shopping experiences. The York County has historically served as the first capitol of the United States of America. It was home to the Continental Congress during the late 18th century. Museums located in York County offer glimpses into certain things of the past, such as Native American life.

It is also home to the world-renowned Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Museum. If you’re not a history buff, there are several other things awaiting you. A visit to the state parks would allow you to enjoy a variety of activities. Swimming, hiking, and fishing are some of them. During winter, you can do some ice-skating, skiing, and other recreational stuff.

For shopping enthusiasts, there are attractive bargains in certain places. They’re mostly discount outlets offering products manufactured in York County. These items include woven fabrics, pottery, and wines. You’ll also find antique shops while exploring this county in the state of Pennsylvania. Here are some of the best places you can’t afford to miss:

1. Castle Creek Farm

This beautiful farmland is located in the Dillsburg borough of York County. While getting around in Castle Creek Farm, you’ll see the horses and alpacas roaming the pastures. In some other places, you’ll find chickens moving around. There’s an abundance of green natural surroundings, as far as your eyes can see. Castle Creek Farm is located in the fertile farmland of Central Pennsylvania.

This small business has a countryside setting and is a perfect place to get some farm-fresh herbal products. You can choose from a range of herbal dip mixes that are blended and prepared in the country kitchen. They use their own recipes and the finest herbs in these products.

2. Downtown York

Downtown York is the place where centuries of American history has been preserved brilliantly. Even a simple walk through this part of York County would be an unforgettable experience. There’s much to learn about while getting around downtown York. You’ll get to hear stories of famous immigrants, the Revolutionary War, and the 19th-century farmers.

The intriguing stories of the lives of military heroes, business tycoons, and factory workers would be a bonus. You might even meet some friendly locals during your visit. This area is easily accessible and has abundant parking spaces, broad sidewalks, and helpful signs.

3. Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

This property has achieved astonishing growth from what it was in the beginning. The 15-acre adventure destination offers plenty of activities for its visitors. The history of this adventure farm dates back to the early 18th century when the Ferree family were its owners. They came to the Pequea Valley from France to escape religious persecution.

Marie Ferree settled here with her seven children after her husband Daniel died. The farm and surrounding land were passed down through many generations of the Ferree family. Over the years, it was also sold to several different families. Today, its owners are Jack and Donna Coleman, who arrived here with their children from New Jersey in 1987.

Starting out as dairy farmers, they now own beef cows and broilers. They also own a crop farm spread over an area of 300 acres. The fun activities you can enjoy here include wagon rides and interacting with animals at the Petting Zoo.

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