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Top 4 Things to Do While in York County

While exploring the York County, you’ll have many outdoor adventures awaiting you. This county is located in the heart of Pennsylvania and instantly impresses its visitors with some fascinating attractions. There are historic towns, enchanting vistas, and working farmland that delight you during your tour.

Be it any time of the year, the surrounding communities can be the your ideal family destinations. You can shop, visit the elegant museums, and go on fun tours across the county. Here, we’ve listed some of the best things you can do while you’re in this charming county in Pennsylvania:

1. Go fishing in Codorus State Park

Located in the south-western part of York County, this is one of the finest Pennsylvania state parks. It has got its name from the Codorus Creek, which forms Lake Marburg, an artificial lake. It has a shoreline of 26 miles and is spread across a vast area of 1,275 acres. For the migrating waterfowls and shorebirds, Lake Marburg is a perfect place to stop and rest.

The lake also enjoys great popularity among those who love to go on sailboat or motorboat trips. However, this lake is particularly good for warmwater fishing. It has some fantastic species of fish such as bluegill, catfish, crappie, and largemouth bass. Bow fishing is permitted here in the cove areas that are shallow. People with disabilities can find a fishing pier for them near 1st Bridge.

2. Play golf at Briarwood Golf Clubs

The championship holes of Briarwood Golf Course are located in a rural and peaceful setting. While playing golf at this course, you’ll find yourself on South Central Pennsylvania’s gentle rolling hills. Briarwood Golf Course opened in the year 1956. It went through a complete renovation in 2011, enhancing the greens and spacious fairways.

Today, this golf course offers enjoyable rounds for all the golf players, regardless of their abilities. In 1992, the multiple tees of a 5-hole course called ‘Final Five’ was created by Bill Love. They’ll require straight drives from you and accurate approach shots to well-bunkered greens. This golf course is a must-play for golfers owing to its modest pricing and brilliant conditioning.

3. Visit the Agricultural and Industrial Museum

Your trip to the Agricultural and Industrial Museum would truly be a memorable one. It will give you an idea about the county’s contributions to agriculture and industries and their progress. The agricultural artifacts housed in this museum include locally-made wagons, steam engines, farm tools, and tractors.

You’ll also get to see some working industrial exhibits. Among them is an A-Frame ammonia compressor, which weighs 72 tons. It was of great help in those days for manufacturing large blocks of ice. There are exhibits on casket manufacturing, pottery, and other industrial equipment that you wouldn’t like to miss.

4. Taste some rich wines at the Four Springs Winery

Pennsylvania has a long history of the craft and tradition of wine-making. It has one of the best climates for growing wine on the East coast. Besides, the region also has the most fertile soil in the country. So, it won’t surprise you that this winery has some of the finest blends of wines.

Four Springs Winery offers you a selection of its white and red wines. You can also try their renowned sweet wines during your visit. Besides tasting the wines, you can take a photo tour of the vineyard. This will allow you to capture some lovely moments during the tour.

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